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LifeSize is the first company to develop and deliver high definition video communications products. Founded in 2003 by industry veterans and named "Video conferencing Company of the Year" in 2007 by Video conferencing Insight. LifeSize's award winning solutions combine exceptional quality, user simplicity and administrator manageability to make video communications a productive, true-to-life experience. LifeSize is headquartered in Austin, TX with subsidiaries in Europe and Asia Pacific, and a network of channel partners reaching more than 80 countries.

LifeSize Case Study 1: Quincy Newspaper, Inc.

Goal: As a result in the downturn in the economy coupled with a growing media organization, Quincy Newspaper, Inc. needed to find a communications tool that would rival face-to-face conversation without the hassle or expense of travel.

Solution: The firm decided that LifeSize was the best communications solution to meet their needs. Installation of 16 LifeSize systems improved communications among all offices, reduced travel and satisfied end users. Quincy Newspaper, Inc. is now using LifeSize for weekly departmental meetings, HR and recruiting, training sessions, and talent coaching.

LifeSize Case Study 2: National Geographic Society

Goal: The National Geographic Society needed a way to bring remote locations together without the environmental, financial, and time-consuming burden of travel. A communications solution would allow for real-time collaboration between offices with crisp, high definition audio and video and seamless data sharing all possible without ever stepping foot on an airplane.

Solution: Since the implementation of LifeSize video conferencing systems in formal conference rooms and on moveable carts, departments throughout the National Geographic Society are not only meeting with colleagues, but using the technology with vendors and customers. The customer stated, "Being green is more important to us than money or travel savings and HD video is a green technology.

LifeSize Case Study 3: Barnardo's

Goal: Barnardo's is a British charity founded to care for vulnerable young people. Their goal was to reduce travel and keep regularly dispersed teams connected.

Solution: Through the use of HD video from LifeSize, Barnardo's has realized significant reduction in travel and travel-related expenses and improved communications among internal and external groups, resulting in better care to those who need it most.

LifeSize Case Study 4: Medisave™ USA

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