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Additional options available for connecting and accessing ConferencePoint Meeting Services that DO NOT include utilizing the public internet for connectivity to your network:

  • Overlay: A dedicated network connection providing guaranteed bandwidth and QoS directly to your videoconferencing system.
  • Enterprise Peering: A QoS network connection directly to your corporate data network, providing dedicated bandwidth to the ConferencePoint services.
  • Carrier Peering: Provides a carrier to carrier peering connection. Mapping a logical connection from your network, through your carrier to the ConferencePoint network.

VTC Overlay Example


With overlay connectivity, A dedicated circuit provisioned to your location and connected directly to your video system.

  • Eliminates the challenges of carrying video calls over your corporate LAN
  • Dedicated bandwidth for video calls without the worry of bandwidth contention from business applications
  • Available from 512Kbps SDSL and higher depending on your specific needs


  • Ideal for locations that have only one room system
  • Perfect for companies who do not have a corporate LAN capable of handling video calls
  • Good for companies who have security concerns and prefer not using their corporate LAN

VTC Enterprise Peering Example

Enterprise Peering

Enterprise peering provides a direct connection to a your corporate network.

  • A dedicated QoS bandwidth delivered to the corporate LAN
  • Suitable for supporting your network topology or individual locations
  • Uses your company's LAN for internal transport and connectivity


  • Ideal for locations with multiple rooms or systems requiring services
  • Requires your internal network to provide suitable transport and connectivity from the ConferencePoint network to each room or system
  • Maximizes company investment in corporate LAN/WAN

VTC Carrier Peering Example

Carrier Peering

Carrier peering provides connectivity through a logical connection created through your company's preferred carrier network provider.

  • Affords large bandwidth connections and versatile connection choices
  • Eliminates the need for multiple smaller network connections to various customer locations


  • Ideal for large enterprises already invested in a global MPLS deployment
  • Increases bandwidth and reduces costs for large connections
  • Maximizes company investment in their MPLS enabled WAN deployment

VTC Firewall Traversal Example

Firewall Traversal

Firewall Traversal is an *optional service needed to connect a private network with a public network or another private network.

* Some firewall configurations do not allow audio and video call processing without modification or secondary devices (may require on-premise equipment to create a secure path from network to network).

  • Video call security is often not a concern
  • Solutions can be provided as a service or as a permanent ownership depending on company security policies

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