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ConferencePoint Control for VTC Deployments

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ConferencePoint Control for VTC deployments includes an assortment of services that provide a comprehensive and customizable solution for monitoring and managing a company's video room and infrastructure deployment:

  • Monitoring: Network and device monitoring and status checks backed by 24x7 support
  • Management: Onsite personnel, Remote call management, Call scheduling and launching
  • Reporting: Performance, Usage, Analysis


  • Ideal for telepresence rooms and complex or large deployments
  • Perfect for companies lacking the infrastructure devices and support personnel to maintain and support their end users
  • Maximizes end user support and satisfaction in corporate videoconferencing


  • Network Monitoring
    • 24x7 status monitoring of the network to assure no problems occur
  • Room Sweeps and Call Monitoring
    • Daily room sweeps check each room and make sure everything is working properly
    • Call monitoring, during live calls, stats are monitored to make sure calls are not experiencing any difficulties
  • Video Network Operations (VNOC)
    • Live team of technicians to assist in your calls
    • Live and online call scheduling
    • Active call monitoring
    • Proactive error resolution


  • Onsite Personnel
    • 24x7 status monitoring of the network to assure no problems occur
  • Infrastructure Management
    • Maintain and manage video infrastructure devices either within your LAN or hosted in the service network
  • Live Video Support
    • An audio or video call away from speaking with a live support team to assist in call scheduling or problem resolution
  • System Registration, Call Routing and Dial Plan
    • Fully integrated and industry compatible endpoint registration, dial plan and call routing policies
  • Integrated Call Scheduling and Launching
    • Online scheduling portal or live reservation specialists
    • Automated call launching
  • Meeting Production Services
    • Call setup, moderation, camera adjustments, Q&A, operator on call
  • Bundled packages
    • Room management
    • Concierge Services


  • Performance
    • Track service performance
  • Usage
    • Monitor usage in every room
  • Analysis
    • Measure and analyze usage of rooms

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